Monday, November 19, 2012

The Nigerian Homosexual Bill

I am gay Nigerian Christian and happy. I am a university graduate from a prestigious school. I am not mentally ill or demon possessed. I was neither raped nor sexually abused as a kid. Using logic to analyze this case if the law is based on "moral" and "religion" then adultery and fornication is a federal crime. False witness, coveting, lust should all be a federal crime. I rather spend 14 years in jail than to live a life of deceit and not being me. Now to those who say foreign aiD should go to blaze, what contingency plan does the government have to help those depending on those programs? With this law passed would it empower and improve basic living for all? The education sector is in shambles and it is only affordable for those who can afford private schools, yet no law or bill has been brought up to revamp it. I can be called names for being gay, I am not ashamed of me. This bill passed or not would harm lives than help. The irony is it was the western world that started persecuting and brought it during colonization and they've seen the error in their ways. It is beyond wonders why this bill is a piority for them. There are major issues that are pressing in both nigeria and Uganda and homosexual is the least of their issues.
 Now I have decided to stop hiding behind a mask and be out about my sexuality. I would not hide any longer, the more i do the more victory to those who wanto oppress us. I think these countries needs the LGBT community to be more vocal and present. There should be fearless leaders and people who are not ashamed about their sexuality and should come out. If i had the finances I would have gone to Nigeria and speak out.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Good Morning fans. I know I have been MIA for a bit but been good busy. I just wanted to share a lesson from an experience. In life we have situations and some leave scars that stay there forever. I learned that a scar is also a sign of healing. In life we have all been given the power to choose nothing is " I had no Option" There is an option not to go with that option. At times people keep seeing that scar as an open wound on the past, but the truth is if it was open it would be a wound not a scar. Growing up I was a very adventurous kid and have my fair share of body scar to prove, but when I look at them I laugh and the lesson i got from that experience made me wiser. A scar is a does not hurt therefore move beyond the hurt. The more we hold on to a scar as a wound we unknowingly hurt those around us that genuinely care about us. There is nothing to hard or difficult to let go, the more we hold on to these experience the more we let the others who caused the wound to control you. These people who hurt you have moved on their life might be on the "right" track outside but you do not know what they go through. I know in the black gay community we go through loads of abuse and hardship but let go of it all because the final choice of happiness lies in you. There is nothing wrong in seeking professional help or asking for support from people. Taking the anger and stress on people who love you is just not right nor taking it out on abusive behaviors is not right either. we need to stand up for ourselves brothers we not anyone but we. I am not trying to give a pep talk or preach but I write this because I care. Much Love to You all.

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Real Foundation Of A Relationship

Been thinking how the blame is always on the EX but never on us. We are quick to call him all sorts of names and put him on blast. In reality when a relationship goes sour it is really the 2 parties and not just one person that is at fault. The question is then what if he is a cheat or a liar? In reality how innocent are we when it comes to cheating all we look at is the sex. Cheating is not only sexual not being 100% real with your partner is cheating also. The question we should ask is what really was the foundation of the relationship.
People say that when you love is the foundation of a relationship but i personally disagree. Love is a seed that is planted and grows more and more each second. The love plants becomes stronger by each trail and victory both parties encounter in life not by material wealth or looks. The real foundation of a relationship isadaptabilityy. The coming together of 2 personality is not going to be a rosy fairy tale affair. There would beargumentt, there would be nights you can not stand each other. There would be talks from friends and community. The truth is for a successful relationship we should accept both weakness andstrengtht. We should go in with patience and understanding. It also comes down to the first meeting in setting the pace knowing what you want and being open about it. We all have what attracts us but does it also keep us in? TheHerculess body drop dead gorgeous guy might be all that physically but there is no personality after the attraction. In our community we complaina lott on how it is hard to find THE ONE but then who is the one we seek? The best is to makeoneselff that person who your Mr. Perfect would want to date. Challenge yourself to look more into personality than sexiness. A great personality would always show physically.

I know many would disagree with me but as earlier stated this thoughts are my own personal view. Been through so much that now I see life differently in a more humble and down to earth manner.  I ran into a guy i have not seen in a long time and when we intially met he was everything our community would classify as not dateable but now things are different for him in every aspect of life.                                                

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Food for Thought

I rarely post but just have to say something. The news about the school boy who shot students in Chardon, Ohio is something that got me deep thinking. I read a bit about the shooter T.J Lane and i thought bullying is deeper than we know. He was a student in a special education school and was taunted and always segregated from others. I relate that to the gay community where a high percentage of us live in the physical level and anyone not par with that "gay" level is mocked and avoided. I then asked myself how often do I look at people for who they are than what they look like. How many friends do I have who care more about others than being a GQ poster man. I personally belief that a truly genuine beautiful personality would show in your appearance. I say this because each time we diss another person each time we throw shade each time we show off we indirectly saying we are superior than you and that is what bullying is all about. The irony is everyone complains that gay people are fake but yet the person complaining is no less materialistic. Those who are forever remembered are those who positively effect changes in the lives of those around them. There are many people who need our help but to help genuinely we must understand what it means to live with the basic necessity of life.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Monday, December 26, 2011

What I really want.

I am gay and Nigerian. I am not a retard, stupid or fool. I have no mental defect or brainwashed by "western world". I did not wake up one day and decided to be gay and be hated by the world. I am who I am. I am a son, brother, cousin, uncle, nephew, friend, neighbor, coworker... Homosexuality is never by choice or evil spirit. I have never asked for permission to get married as a gay Nigerian all I asked was to put laws that would protect me from discrimination, violence, hatred and murder. I want to know that if I am attacked and I report to the police I am not at risk. I careless about marriage for now. I know how hard it is for people to misunderstand all things sexuality. They think that my sexual orientation makes me a devil advocate. I am stigmatized for what I had no power over. The Christians condemn me to their hell the Muslims condemn me to death I have come to the realization that my life is all about me, no matter how judged I am by others none of them put food on my table. When I die I die alone. I rather live for the truth even if it means 14 yrs in jail than to spend my whole life living a lie because of a biased society filled with ignorance. I am gay does not mean I hate the opposite sex or cannot have children. I am gay does not mean the ec0nomy of the country would be terrible or the lives of our citizen would depreciate. I am gay does not affect the quality of infrastructure in the country. Call me whatever you want but I am gay and it is who I am.